I’m a sensitive savage!

I’m sensitive and get hurt easily. Why you ask?

Because I’m the girl who thinks and cares too much. The girl who tends to be too emotional, too good, too hopeful, too naive…

This may seem to you like weaknesses but as a matter of fact I believe and choose to see these as my strengths.

I’m capable of letting it all in and experiencing everything to it’s fullest despite the chance of getting hurt or being disappointed. I’m not afraid of my heart aching or of being crushed. I’m more afraid that if I shut the door for all these bad sentiments and thoughts and hide myself from being vulnerable, I will miss out on the good stuff as well.

Those things that make me believe in magic…things that show me inexpressible euphoria and fireworks and beautifully inspiring chaos. Things that taught me about passion and lust and love.

So I rather face the excruciating devastation times and times again, just for a glimpse of feverish ecstasy and the taste of all-consuming tenderness.

I want to feel it all, the good and the bad! I want to feel it so utterly that it touches something inside me and leaves a mark. I want to feel things so deeply that they either caress my soul gently or tear it apart cruelly.

Feeling everything utterly and unspeakable intense is a gift and a strength that determines my personality.

I am a strong and fierce woman capable of communicating my thoughts and expressing my emotions. For that reason I will always speak my mind, take what I want and demand for what I deserve!

Because I’m a sensitive savage!