The Revelation of one’s soul is a puzzling and never-ending Striptease

I’ve undressed by tearing of all my clothes till nothing else than my bare skin and flesh was there to look upon…and still you haven’t seen me fully unveiled!

Never will you see me in all my infernal glory when all you do is being blinded by my sole appearances and behavior. I’ve adorned myself with strange glyphs because I felt the need to turn my innermost outward! Signs, mysteries only I know the key to. Like a spell or instruction to a demonic ritual. Try to decipher it and read me like a book. My truth will be your dare…so undress me and solve the mystery!

Layer after layer…Slowly, take your time so you don’t miss the slightest detail revealing itself to you. Wander over flawless scars, behold for beautiful peculiarities, get touched by soft strength and a passionate spirit.

Caress my skin, every inch until there’s nothing left of it’s artistry. Hold me and burn my flesh so I can eventually rise from the ashes. Only then one can read what’s engraved onto my bones and have a taste of the intoxicating essence of my soul. Get rid off all these superficial unnecessaries and ignite them! No need for them, no need for hiding.

Just Look me in the eyes and get lost in the labyrinth of my mind because this mirror will show who and what I really am – an abstract and surreal artwork created by a hell-raising heart, only to be recognized and appreciated by a few…