Forever awake, forever asleep

Living as a ghost,
What is it you’re missing the most?
Can you feel it, can you see?
I wonder how it must be?

I guess you must be unspeakably tired,
The soothing comfort of sleep is all you truly desire,
So just relax and let go,
„It’s not that simple“, you say and i tell you, I know.

You’re no longer here and I’m still not there,
Though I can feel your presence everywhere.
You were a woman I never really knew,
Still, that didn’t stop me from loving you.

But tell me, where is it that you really are?
Hopefully somewhere you have your special spot among the stars.
Wandering not this world but also not your own,
A beautiful place in universe you can call your home.

So what’s it like, living as a ghost,
Probably different than most hope?
Are we untroubled, are we free?
I wonder how it must be?