What do you wish for?

Somewhere I’ve read that the most precious gift you can get someone, is to give them your time and respect. And that changed how I regard my time and the energy and emotions I put into things and people.

Now that everybody is so busy getting last minute presents for their loved ones I just feel that people are forgetting what the whole concept of giving and sharing is all about. It’s not enough to go out and buy something. Even if it’s something self-made, where much love and thought went into, I think, even that is sometimes simply not enough..

Besides time and respect I think the most beautiful thing you can gift someone is your honesty and appreciation. Saying and showing what you really feel for a person. When did you tell your favorite humans the last time that you are grateful to have them in your life, how happy they make you, what you see in them, why you love them or like spending time with them, why you value their presence or how they make your life better, or different in a positive way?

We live in a world where we are online almost 24/7, communicating, consuming, being busy…but rarely do we take the time to talk about profound and meaningful things related to ourselves or the persons in our lives. But we all know, that what really keeps us going are the people surrounding us. We seek connection, love and affection and we’re longing to be appreciated, to be understood, to be cared about, to be seen.

So if we want to get someone a present, that’s extraordinary unique, heartfelt and genuine then we should make a bigger effort! We should take us time for people, give them our undivided attention, treat them with respect and most importantly, show them how much we appreciate them and tell them why they belong to the few special gifts in our lives. That’s something so rare it only exists once. Only we can share these special moments, words, gestures and memories with them…and I think that’s one of the greatest gifts one can give and receive.